bala benzine

A carpooling app that fosters the sense of community in Lebanon to face the current crisis.

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How does it work?

You have a car, share your ride with a passenger

You are bala benzine, connect with a driver


Split the benzine costs


Travel safely across Lebanon


Easily find & plan your trips

Who are we?

Born across the borders of Paris, Lisbon, and Roanne, by expats craving to make an impact and support Lebanon. Bala benzine channeled the sense of community abroad to offer a new mode of transportation that counteracts the current crisis.

Joe Achkar

Joe, smiling (almost) all year round, is a very involved in social projects and civic engagement. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the French public volunteering platform

Julia Khouri

Julia, optimistic expat, got involved in Lebanese grassroots initiatives and NGO’s like Daleel Thawra and Nahwalwatan to support change in Lebanon. Currently working for Oracle in Lisbon.

Amine Alameddine

Coming from a design background, Amine is now involved in building and managing digital products with social impact. Currently product manager at Viakonnect. Slip the word "LEGO" in a conversation to get his attention.

Help us make an impact
& support Lebanon

The funds raised will cover the costs related to the development of the application, its maintenance and its distribution to residents throughout Lebanon.

Thank you for your help!